Inisheer Irish Dancers at 2021 Micanopy Fall Festival
Inisheer Irish Dancers perform a Four Hand Reel at 2021 Micanopy Fall Festival. Photo by Kurt Seaburg

Choreographed & directed by Piper Call

Irish set dancing at Micanopy Fall Festival 2021

Inisheer Irish Dancers performance at the Micanopy Fall Festival on Saturday Oct 30th 2021 included:

  1. Four Hand Reel
  2. Antrim Square
  3. Priest and His Boots
  4. Maev’s Jig
  5. Brush Dance
  6. Little Dutch Dance
  7. Maggie Pickie
  8. Kilfenora Plain Set
  9. Grace O’Maille / Finale
Cyd Robbins performs ‘A Little Dutch Dance’ to a mazurka, a distinctive part of the traditional dance music of County Donegal, Ireland.
  • Piper Call, director & choreographer
  • Jean Epling
  • Cydney Robbins
  • Dusty McConnell
  • Mathew McConnell
  • Sunita Shepherd
  • Kevin Shepherd
  • Bob Stevens
  • Patrick Harrigan

Filmed on location at the Micanopy Fall Festival, Micanopy, Florida, on Saturday October 30th, 2021

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Inisheer Irish Dancers at Micanopy Fall Festival 2021
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