Inisheer Irish Dancers director Piper Call welcomed new performers to the stage. And many responded.
Jennie Ford
Step It Out: Jennie Ford’s turn
Julie's Back Porch Reel at Micanopy Fall Festival, Sunday, October 30, 2022
Julie’s Back Porch Reel
Photos by Bob Stevens and Shane Bryant
Inisheer Irish Dancers at Micanopy Fall Festival on 30 October 2022. Photo courtesy Shane D. Bryant
Watch the full uncut 38-minute performance.
Finn Wilson’s solo

Julie’s Back PorchJean, Patrick, Sunita, KevinMusic for a Found Harmonium
Priest and His BootsJean, Cyd, PiperThe Priest and His Boots
Antrim Square Fig. 2Mary, Patrick, Dusty, Matthew, Abby, Kevin, Jenny, AustinThe Castle Jigs
Little Dutch DanceCydTwo Mazurkas
Brush DanceDusty and MatthewWillie Clancy’s Curragh
Maev’s JigPiper, Jean, Cyd, Sunita, KevinThe Humors of Rahey
Step it OutEverybody!The Honeymoon
Maggie PickieJean, Cyd, PiperFlings: Maggie Pickins
Connemara Set Fig. 4Mary, Patrick, Dusty, Matthew, Abby, Kevin, Jenny, AustinBill Sullivan’s Polka
McGuiggan JigCyd, PiperThe Leitrim Jig
Clare/Grace O’Maille/FinaleClare figure: Mary, Patrick, Dusty, Matthew, Sunita, Kevin, Jenny, Austin Grace: Jean, Cyd, Piper Finale: Everybody!The Meek Maids
Post-performance Connemara step lesson for everyone
2022-10-30 Micanopy Fall Festival